SHADOW YOGA  is a dynamic style of yoga focusing on alignment, positioning and controlled breathing. Set forms are taught to prepare the body for varying stages of practice. This course will introduce the first of these forms, whose purpose is to strengthen the limbs, relieve stiffness in the joints, and remove the obstructions which prevent the movement of vital energy. It is appropriate for people with all levels of experience in yoga, martial arts or internal arts.


10 May 2019
Evening : 6pm – 8pm

Saturday 11 May
Morning: 8am – 10am
Evening: 5pm – 7pm

Sunday 12 May
Morning: 8am – 10am
Evening: 5pm – 7pm


German European School
Singapore (GESS)
2 Dairy Farm Lane


(Early bird discount by 15 April: S$280)


Peter began his study of Yoga under the guidance of Zhander Remete, founder of the Shadow Style. He has been practising for 27 years and teaching for the last 22. He is the director of CITY YOGA in Melbourne. Peter also holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and has over 25 years’experience in martial arts and competitive sport. The intersection of these areas with Yoga is of special interest to him, and remains a guiding influence on his teaching.

For bookings and enquiries, please contact HELEN or MATTHIAS ROTH
email: [email protected] tel: +65 9875 1259