Did you know that stress can cause weight gain? Did you also know that Yoga is great for weight loss?  In today’s culture of stresses reaching and maintaining a healthy weight can be a daunting task. Weight loss is a goal for a large number of people and it requires a variety of deliberate life adjustments. But instant fixes will not create lasting and healthy change. However, you are not going to reach your goals if you insist on cutting down on your diet. It is essential to be willing to implement persistent lifestyle habits and work through self-harming patterns. Losing weight isn’t as straightforward as counting calories-in vs. calories-out. Let’s shift the paradigm and consider Yoga and meditation as tools for weight loss.

One of the goals of Yoga is focusing on the physical, spiritual and mental aspects. This will, in turn, make you be aware of yourself and your environment. You will slowly start recognizing the different ways in which the different types of food we consume affect our health.


Yoga can help change your behavior, increase mindfulness, burn calories and reduce stress. All these factors will make you be aware of the about your diet and be on the watch out when it comes to your weight.

Did you also know that yoga is great for weight loss? Cutting down on your diet is, of course, good but you need to take an extra step to help shade some of the calories found within your body. Yoga works in different ways and teaches you how to be in your body which helps you explore how what you eat makes you feel. There are an incredible number of active and intense poses of Yoga which will make you loose some pounds. Yoga can also place you in your right mental space so that you will develop healthy living habits to help you lose weight. Here is what Yoga can do to help you lose weight.



If you are gaining weight as a result of stress, meditation and yoga may be your saviors. The psychological effects of stress are proven to increase cortisol stress hormones which in turn can increase insulin and often leads to weight gain. High level of stress hormone within your body can contribute to weight gain across the abdomen. It is this exact process that can quickly and effectively change body composition by increasing body fat and decreasing skeletal muscle mass. Yoga and mindfulness means paying attention to what you are carrying out and what you are thinking. Mindfulness has a number of positive attributes on the individual. It can be well described as being aware of yourself. One of the common benefits of mindfulness is making you aware of the importance of physical activities and a healthy diet.

Meditation is proven to decrease stress and in doing so, decreases stress related hormones such as cortisol. This is significantly beneficial for weight loss because less stress means lower insulin which means less fat storage. This is also in accordance with a research carried out in 2016 by the National Institute of Health Clinical Center. The study suggested that yoga intervention plays a great role in helping people with weight loss challenges such as obesity to develop mindfulness. Mindfulness will also help such people to resist foods which are likely to help them gain weight. Yoga relieves the stress levels within your body by regulating the response of HPS to stress. The various breaths also carried out when you are doing yoga can help you relieve anxiety and stress.


Do you know that people who sleep for fewer hours in a night are more likely to be obese or become overweight and often develop poor eating habits after some time? Let us take a moment and think about this. If you are seated and you have been working for a long time, you are likely to grab a cup of coffee or doughnut to get the energy you need within your body. You will also skip your regular exercise routine since you are feeling tired. Sleep deprivation will often take some time and before you realize it, you will find that you are overweight.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis will improve the quality of your sleep. Yoga is an exercise on your brain since it helps you to become mindful. It is more of a relaxation and in some instances when you are carrying out yoga nidra, you can set intentions to help you lose weight.


Stress is also often associated with the increased consumption of foods with high sugar and fat levels. Yoga and meditation can help with emotional eating. Because eating can release endomorphins and improve your mood, food can become addictive. This is why eating food can often become a knee-jerk reaction as a means to cope with stress. Yoga and meditation are both proven to improve well being and as such can be effective tools to combat weight gain caused by emotional eating.


Yoga practice is a powerful tool for weight loss, because it cultivates body awareness. Even though Yoga is not considered an aerobic exercise, there are different styles which are physically active. This intense Yoga styles can help you shade extra pounds of weight.

Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga, Hot Yoga, Bootcamp/HIIT Yoga and Power Yoga are the common physical Yoga styles that can help and support you in lose weight with consistent fast movements. Those Yoga styles burn a number of calories within your body. However, the amount of calories burned during your practice will depend on your body weight and the workout duration. It is approximated that if you weigh 120 pounds, there is a high chance you will burn 120-200 calories within 30 minutes of Yoga. If you weigh 185 pounds, you will cut down 178-250 calories within 30 minutes according to Harvard Medical School.

Regular practice of all eight limbs of Yoga establishes physical and mental poise in a natural, gradual, lasting and organic way. However, commitment is a must. It is also important for you to opt for Yoga classes which involve around 60-90 minutes of intensive practice. Your muscles will easily strengthen and lengthen when you engage your body in high-intensity movements. Carrying out Yoga four to five times a week for some time will help you lose weight. It will also help you to develop a regular habit which can be transformed into your lifestyle. Some common aspects such as mindfulness will help you to be aware of how you consume food. You will see life in a much more expansive perspective and you are naturally equipped to make far better choices and handle any situation in much more effective way.


Developing healthy living is a goal for everyone. The healthy combination of Yoga, stress reduction and a good diet plan can effectively help you lose from 1 to 3 kilograms per month. Wondering how Yoga and diet are related? Don’t be surprised, it has been tried by several people, and the results have always been great! But always remember what makes the difference are your actions. Try incorporating both Yoga, mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine.

Yoga will help you develop a leaner, more supple body not by emphasizing a restricted food intake and targeted muscle-building, but by nurturing an attitude adjustment that paves the way for healthy lifestyle change. Take up a three weeks yoga program and within a short time, you will find yourself attracted to healthier foods and your weight loss problem will be resolved completely. Contact us and we will help you in this process.