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At MYYOGA we truly believe that when the yoga practice is integrated into your daily lives, in your everyday environment, the real transformation you seek unfolds. The healing and transformational power of yoga should not only be attained by travelling to a yoga studio. It is our mission to connect high-quality yoga teachers beyond yoga facilities and naturally integrate it into your daily and essential routine in life – at the studio, your workplace, your sweet home and at special events.

Everyone deserves space to move as themselves on the mat and in the world.

We at MYYOGA are dedicated to sharing with you our years of practice and study of yoga. We believe in options, autonomy, science, breath; meeting people where they are, providing support, and building community. Everyone deserves space to move as themselves on the mat and in the world. Join us in our mission of yoga-for-all!
We focus on keeping class sizes small to properly coach and instruct students on an individual level. This personal service has become our hallmark.


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