Our Updated Practices and Regulations
in Response to COVID-19


Your safety is our most concern. At MYYOGA, we follow the measures listed below as a precaution against the COVID-19 and are following very closely and are aware of their latest updates and guidelines. By playing our part, we keep us safe and protect those who are most susceptible to the virus.

Check Your Temperature

Mandatory temperature check for anyone entering the studio premise or the area of practice. If you have a  temperature exceeding 37.5°c you are advised to consult the doctor instead entering the studio or practice with us at any other location.

Wash Your Hands before Practice

Please wash your hands regularly before entering the studio or the area of practice. At the Clementiwoods Park Studio we have a separate restroom where students can wash their hands before and after practice.

Use Hand-Sanitizer

Please use hand-sanitizer when entering the studio or place of practice. Our teacher will provide hand-sanitizer and antibacterial-spray for you.

Check Your Mat before and after Practice

Please clean your yoga mat before and after class with antibacterial spray and/or use your own mat and face towel. We will provide antibacterial spray for you.

Keep Your Personal Space

Now is the time to enjoy your personal space. We will be reducing the number of students and mats to small groups for each class to create a maximum of space between students. Our teacher will refrain from physical postural adjustment, but instead, be more involved in verbal correction and demonstration. We will make sure to keep a maximum separation from other students.

Bring Your Own Mat and Towel

Please bring your own Yoga mat and use your own face towel.

Avoid Hand-Shaking ... do Namaste instead

Please avoid handshaking or any other direct contact to other students. No more handshakes – prefer a Namaste greeting, an air five or any other preferred way of greeting. Not a problem at all for a Yogi. Lets promote Namaste spread is even outside class to increasingly let it adopt as a no-contact way of greeting.

Keep calm and Do Yoga

Last but not least, or course, keep calm and do Yoga. Namste.

What To Do Else

Our community is stepping up together to support one another as Volunteer, Donator and Supporter #SGunited

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