We offer classes which suit the needs of every student from beginner to the advanced, seasoned practitioner. Each class style will offer advanced options for experienced yogis and modifications for those newer to the practice so they can safely learn the poses. The different styles offer you the opportunity to take or request a class that will fit your pace and desire. Have a look at our public class schedule.


The name Hatha Yoga derived from the Sanskrit terms “ha” meaning “sun” and “tha” meaning “moon”, meaning to balance these two energies like balancing body and mind. Hatha is a slow-paced class consisting of traditional basic yoga poses, asanas, for stability, releasing tensions and strengthening the physical body. It also includes breathing techniques, pranayama, and meditation. Through this you create space and balance in yourself and gain the opportunity for spiritual growth. Classes will start relaxing, warming up the body with sun salutations before progressing through deeper poses, which are hold longer. Hatha is suitable for beginners and those who want to improve their alignment in holding the poses longer.


“The word “Vinyasa” originates from the Sanskrit term nyasa, meaning “to place” and the prefix vi, meaning “in a special way”, referring to a sequence of poses. In Vinyasa Yoga the body moves in synchronization with the breath, creating smooth movements, known as flow. Through this energetic, vigorous practices, you’ll cultivate strength, flexibility, endurance, and greater body awareness. Classes include traditional and creative sequences of postures rooted in the breath and alignment that will invigorate and challenge you. Open to all levels, beginners will be offered modifications, while more experienced yogis can improve in their practice.


“Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic and physically challenging sequence, integrating breath and movement. It can help to improve the endurance, flexibility, strength and mental focus. The whole practice is done by flowing continuously, which is also the traditional roots of the modern Vinyasa style. Our teachers will guide you through the practice in a manageable way to suit beginners. By following a structured sequence, students will learn to internalize physical aspects and thus develop mindfulness of their breath and alignment. Slowly and progressively, students will be taught the poses in the Ashtanga Primary Series, which helps to increase flexibility, endurance and balance.


Core Yoga focuses on strengthening the muscles around the torso for the stability and balance of the spine. It is a dynamic and challenging practice, which stimulates all the core muscles suitable for practitioners who want to work on stability, strength, and posture. It mostly emphasis on abs, back, and hips. Core Yoga emphasizes in developing one’s physical core strength and flexibility and promotes mental stability and concentration. It has a potential of emulating a rigorous full-body workout and calmness of the mind. Suitable for all energetic and athletic yoga enthusiasts.


Detox yoga is a slow, introspective flow that restores mind, body, and spirit. Incorporating twists, mild inversions, and circular motions, detox yoga stimulates the digestive, immune and lymph systems, while allowing students to focus on deep, healthful breathing. Detox yoga is a wonderful practice for anyone interested in bettering or maintaining good health. Detox yoga is designed to cleanse your body and clear your mind with poses that will heat and create space on the body, aiding in digestion and mental clarity. Through guided verbal cues, learn to strengthen body parts and let go of tension to help restore vitality and balance in your life.


Yoga Therapy is designed for students to enjoy and experience the benefits of Yoga. Participants will learn how to use proper breathing and a variety of postures to improve their blood circulation and relieve common ailments and physical discomfort like stiff neck, stiff shoulder, arthritis, backache, constipation, and indigestion.


HIIT yoga & Yoga bootcamp are designed to build strength as well as burn fat. HIIT Yoga primarily targets fast-twitch muscles with anaerobic exercises such as clean lifts, squats, and bench presses. Yoga asanas target the stabilizing muscles with suitable poses. HIIT provides a complete workout in less time than traditional yoga practice and provides techniques for proper breathing through yoga, leaving the yogi in a relaxed state.


Combine the benefits of yoga and pilates! Yogalates merges the ancient Indian practice of yoga with the Western practice of Pilates. It combines the yogic focus on enhanced mind and body awareness, strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, with Pilates techniques to improve posture and create a strong, stable foundation for movement.


Pilates Matworks is a therapeutic method of precise toning and stretching exercises which was originally developed by Joseph Pilates in 1920s Germany. The aim is to strengthen the muscles, improve the condition and coordination of movement, improve posture, stimulate the circulation and increase body awareness. The basis of all exercises is the training of the so-called “Powerhouse”, which means the muscles lying in the middle of the body around the spine, the so-called support muscles. The muscles of the pelvic floor and the deep trunk muscles are specifically strengthened. All movements are performed slowly and fluently, which protects the muscles and joints. At the same time breathing is trained.